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Latest on the Corona Virus

Updated 25.11.2020

Dextra Fertility Clinic will for the time being resume its activities and infertility treatments.

At this time we unfortunately have to limit traffic to our clinic so we hope you attend the appointment alone. We will return to our normal policies when the circumstances allow it. Right now we want to utilize every method to avoid risk. Unfortunately this means that during the epidemic spouses and children may not join during appointments with the clinic. At the moment we will allow a spouse to accompany a first visit, a treatment planning visit and an early pregnancy ultrasound visit.

We are aware of Eshre and ASRM:s instructions concerning beginning treatment and freezing embryos. The recommendations are based on evaluation of the virus's spread and avoidance of social contact. At this time there is no medical reason to avoid pregnancy, and pregnancies triggered via fertility treatment are no exception to this. The department of health and well-being has aligned that pregnant women aren't especially at risk in the epidemic. We will also observe and seriously take into account the pressures currently affecting other facets of the healthcare field.


The Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 7.30 AM to 3 PM. Evening sessions are cancelled for the time being.


Pregnant women do not seem to be more predisposed to contracting the virus than the general populace. There are also no signs of the virus jumping from a pregnant person into a foetus.

Latest reports on births where the mother had a Covid-19 infection detail the newborns being healthy. These current accounts however are all from later stage pregnancies. As it comes to early pregnancy, current information is based for the time being on experience of other corona viruses such as SARS and MERS. Based on said experiences there is no reason to suspect the corona virus would cause issues during early pregnancy.

It's extremely unlikely that egg cells or sperm could be infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, because they don't have the receptors needed for a virus to attach.


We'll uphold hygiene recommendations at the clinic.

Instead of coming into work sick, staff showing any sort of symptom will stay home. As we expect the same of our customers, no one under quarantine or with symptoms is to visit the clinic. We uphold the official guidelines as it pertains to travel and return from abroad. When you arrive to Finland from a country that's still under domestic and international border control, you are to maintain quarantine for a period of 10 days. Amid quarantine you are not permitted to visit the clinic.

All customers coming in are to wash their hands first. Hand sanitizer is likewise recommended.

Checking in can also be done on the self check-in machine via barcoded card.

We won't shake hands and will make an attempt to remain 2-3 meters away from each other far as it's possible. Both staff and patients are asked to use facemasks.

Payment wise, we'll utilize the barcode via card reader or send the bill to your home without additional cost.

We'll pay added attention to sanitation.


Agreed upon appointments will remain in schedule as per usual. We'll let you know if your appointment has to be cancelled or postponed. We wish for your patience as our phonelines will at times get overcrowded. We will call back to all requests for a callback.

An appointment for planning treatment can also be done over the phone. Please make arrangements on this with us separately.

Minimal number of appoitments can be made online, please call us for a suitable appointment.

We are taking blood samples normally for the time being.


Starting treatment is possible if you're in full health and asymptomatic. If you get sick during the treatment, the treatment must be stopped.

If due to the special circumstances we were forced to close the clinic, we would attempt to treat the already appointed and reserved egg collections. Other than that, all treatments would have to be halted. We could, regretfully, not offer refunds in this scenario.

We are keeping tabs on the evolving situation on a day by day basis and alterations to the instructions may occur on short notice.

Unfortunately as such we cannot guarantee that treatments are possible to carry out, but will do our best.


We have no reason to assume that the Corona Virus could alter the treatment's chances of success.


Dextra Fertility Clinic

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