Dextra Fertility Clinic

Dextra Fertility Clinic has the leading experts of the field, the latest technology and know-how available. We offer the help and expertise of the whole staff during the treatments and the pregnancy.

We give infertility treatments to all that need them, including female couples and single women according to all regulations and amendments.

There are six gynecologists specialized to infertility treatments working on the clinic. The patient is assigned to a doctor who makes sure the treatments are conducted individually according to the patient’s wishes and expectations. We endeavour to avoid needless examinations and procedures by analysing the situation carefully and by taking in to account previous examinations and treatments.

We are the groundbreakers of developing and utilising a lighter IVF-treatment, antagonist treatment, in Finland. The advantages of the antagonist treatment are the short duration, flexibility, individuality, safety and good results of the treatment.

The essential regulations of the fertility law

The fertility law came to effect on September 1st, 2007. According to the law, fertility treatments can be given to married or unmarried couples as well as to female couples or single women. The clinic giving the treatments has to have a license from Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) and Fimea (Finnish Medicines Agency), which requires special expertise and proper environment and equipments.

For the most of the couples in need of treatment the law means no change from the previous practise. The changes concern mostly the donation of sex cells and child´s right to receive information. The donors must give out their identity information to the registry of donors, where a child has the right to receive their information after turning eighteen years. Surrogate pregnancy treatments are forbidden in the law.

According to the law the father of the child is a man who in a relationship has given his consent to infertility treatments. If a couple needs donated sperm cells in their treatment, is the consented husband (or male cohabitant) the father. A man who has donated sperm cells to a female couple or an individual woman can give his consent that he can be confirmed as the father of the child. In that case also the mother of the child has the right to know the identity of the donor.